Colts WR Pittman won’t give up No. 11 for Wentz


Hasselbeck loves Pittman protecting his No. 11 (1:05)

Tim Hasselbeck agrees with Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr. keeping No. 11 and shares a personal story about how he lost his number in Washington. (1:05)

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  • Mike WellsMid American Herald Staff Writer


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INDIANAPOLIS — Evidently no amount of money will get quarterback Carson Wentz his No. 11 jersey with his new team, the Indianapolis Colts.

Colts second-year receiver Michael Pittman Jr., who currently wears No. 11, says he has talked to Wentz about the number, and the answer is no on a possible switch.

“I am number 11,” Pittman told TMZ Sports. “… I don’t think there’s any deal that is gonna be done.”

It’s not uncommon for players on new teams to try to buy their preferred jersey number for a large amount of money from one of their teammates.

The Colts agreed on Thursday to acquire Wentz to be their new starting quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2021 third-round pick and 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-round pick.

Wentz wore No. 11 while at North Dakota State University and during his first five years with the Eagles.

“Yeah, so I spoke to [Carson] and he was just seeing how locked in I was to No. 11, and I told him I was locked in — and he was like, ‘That’s cool, bro, because I’m probably gonna switch anyway,'” Pittman told TMZ Sports. “… He asked me very respectfully, and I just appreciated him for that. I think he’s a great dude, because lots of guys with his status, they would come in and demand and stuff like that.”

Pittman wore No. 6 in college at USC, then started his Colts career with No. 86 before settling on No. 11.

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