Those Starfield leaked images might’ve been accidentally corroborated

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A Starfield leak from earlier this year appears to have been corroborated by a Bethesda employee’s t-shirt.

In September, three images surfaced online, supposedly from an early build of Starfield. One of these leaked images, which you can see below, shows an astronaut with a distinct space-themed logo on the shoulder of the spacesuit. 

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This same logo has now appeared on the t-shirt of a Bethesda developer. While Todd Howard was accepting an award from the Develop: Brighton conference earlier this week, a montage video of Bethesda employees was briefly played, where managing director Ashley Cheng could be seen wearing a Starfield t-shirt with that same logo from the leaked images.

This would appear to confirm the leaked Starfield images as legitimate. When the images first made their way online in September, there was never any way to corroborate them, but now even Bethesda’s Pete Hines has had some fun with the t-shirt on Twitter.

Although the images are seemingly legitimate, there’s no way of knowing how accurate they are in relation to Starfield’s final design. The leaked images were supposedly from a 2018 build of the game, which in the grand scheme of things is years apart from Starfield’s eventual launch.

Starfield’s launch is so far away, that even Todd Howard has cautioned fans to not expect any additional news on the game any time soon. We know that it’s a space-faring RPG, and we know that it’ll feature an overhauled animation system using a brand new Bethesda engine, but we don’t know much else about Starfield right now.

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