RPGCast – Episode 500: “Prince’s Woof-fu”

No. Nothing against WoW or WoW Classic or those that enjoy them, but I both started and ended my WoW playing days during Burning Crusade. There’s digital graves out in the tubes of the internet for a (I’m sure long since) deleted Tauren Druid and Draenei Shaman. Thing is, I just wasn’t having any fun and it couldn’t hold my interest.

Plus, I only have enough free time in my life for one MMO at a time, and FFXIV has had an iron grip on my soul since ARR ^^; ADAMANTOISE DRAGOON KITTY MAN REPRESENT!

As for “Classic” versions of MMOs in general? I don’t think I could. Sure, I piss and moan when they make changes to mechanics and skills I’ve become accustomed to, but then I become accustomed to the changes and can’t even fathom going backwards ^^;

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