Part-time royal Meghan Markle ‘unlikely to make a mark’ in Hollywood

Published on Jan 30, 2020

Sky News host James Morrow says he feels “sorry” for Meghan Markle, arguing the Duchess isn’t going to land the “big Hollywood roles” she is yearning for as she looks to re-establish her acting career.

Following the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan would step down from their royal duties, Meghan is reportedly trying to pivot back into showbusiness.

Mr Morrow said the Duchess of Sussex might “get a bit of work out of this publicity” but her acting “wasn’t all that hot” before she became a royal.

“I feel like we are only a few years away from Meghan Markle’s biggest headline being she gets in a fight with what she is wearing in terms of the dress code in a Qantas lounge somewhere,” Mr Morrow told Sky News.

Image: AP

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